Steelers´ Super Bowl window getting smaller - Brown

20 July 2018 05:04

The Pittsburgh Steelers and their window to win the NFL Super Bowl is getting smaller, according to star wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Pittsburgh – six-time NFL champions but without a title since 2008 – lost a divisional playoff against the Jacksonville Jaguars last season

Brown knows the future of the killer B trio is up in the air, which is why he plans on making this season count.

When asked what would constitute a successful season, Brown said he has his sights set on one goal.

"Super Bowl, that's it," Brown said, via USA Today. "And I feel like that window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. Every year we get close, right there, not quite getting over the hump. Now is the time. Absolutely, this moment has to be the moment.

"In regards to the situation we are in with the team and the organisation this time will have to be the time."

The contract dispute between the Steelers and Le'Veon Bell has certainly caused a disruption, but Brown does not think the star running back's numbers will suffer like they did at the start of last season after he was franchise tagged for the first time.

In fact, Brown believes the team will come out stronger after learning from the mistakes that cut their championship run short following a divisional-round loss to the Jaguars.

"I have no doubt that he is going to have a great season," Brown said of Bell. "He is an ultimate competitor, ultimate. He is one of the greatest running backs in the NFL. I don't think his success will take a hit or nothing.

"The team will deal with it in a positive way. Obviously, we had a dose of it last year. I think everyone will know how to handle it this year with regards to how the situation is unfolding. We will welcome him back with open arms."

The Steelers placed the tender on Bell for the second straight year this offseason and failed to reach an agreement on a long-term deal by the July 14 franchise tag deadline, paving the way for Bell to enter free agency next year.


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